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Applying for a Learner Driving License in Punjab (Online!)

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Revving up to hit the open road, but the learner driving license process in Punjab seems like a maze of paperwork and queues? Fear not, fellow driving enthusiast! Embrace the digital age and navigate the online application system like a pro. This comprehensive guide will take you from “newbie” to “ready to roll” in a breeze.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Gather Your Documents:
    • CNIC (original and copy)
    • Ticket of Rs. 60 (each category) from General Post Office or Learner Permit Office
    • Medical certificate (if above 50 years)
    • Attested copies of fresh photographs (2)
  2. Head Online:
  3. Create Your Account:
    • Enter your CNIC number and mobile number
    • Set a strong password (remember it!)
    • Verify your account via the OTP sent to your phone
  4. Fill Out the Application Form:
    • Carefully review and fill in all required details
    • Double-check for accuracy before submitting
  5. Generate PSID and Pay Fees:
    • The system will generate a unique PSID (Payment Service ID)
    • Use this PSID to pay the fees through ATM, online banking, or mobile banking
  6. Schedule Your Appointment:
    • Select the RTO office and date/time for your driving test
    • Print the confirmation slip for reference
  7. Prepare for Your Test:
    • Brush up on traffic rules and road signs
    • Practice driving in a safe and controlled environment


Q: What documents do I need for a learner driving license renewal?

A: You’ll need the original learner driving license, a CNIC copy, and two attested photographs.

Q: How long does it take to get a learner’s permit?

A: Processing usually takes about 1-2 weeks, but timelines can vary.

Q: Can I change my test date after scheduling?

A: Yes, but you may incur a reschedule fee. Contact your chosen RTO for details.

Essential Tips:

  • Keep your documents readily available and in good condition.
  • Choose an RTO office convenient for your driving test.
  • Arrive early on your test day and dress appropriately.
  • Stay calm and confident during your test.


Applying for a learner’s driving license online in Punjab is a convenient and efficient way to kick-start your driving journey. Remember, careful preparation and a positive attitude will help you ace your test and soon be cruising down the road with confidence. So buckle up, follow these steps, and get ready to conquer the open road!


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This information is accurate at the time of publication, but please refer to the official Punjab Traffic Police website for the latest updates and regulations.


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